Arvig Family

It was SO fun photographing this awesome family! I've gotten so lucky with the most perfect weather for all my family sessions this year (knock on wood) and this day was no exception. The Arvig family introduced me to Dodge Nature Center, and I have to admit, I think I'm hooked now! This location has so much variety—grassy fields, dirt paths, rustic buildings, an awesome boardwalk...the list goes on. It was such a joy to spend this gorgeous fall day with an equally (if not more) gorgeous family! Thanks for letting me capture some memories for you, Conni, Aaron, Bentley and Brooks!


Lallas Family

I had so much fun with these energetic boys and their parents. We headed out to Hidden Falls in St. Paul for their session, and the kiddos absolutely LOVED throwing rocks in the water. I'm quite certain they could have spent the entire evening on the shore if it were up to them. Ah, the simple things...


Hogan Family

I've made a promise to myself to be better at posting all my sessions on my blog, but it's a promise that's proving to be tough to fulfill—with spending time with family, chasing my mischevious 9-month-old son, and keeping up with my silly & sassy daughter—my "me-time" has surmounted to a few hours each week when the kids are finally in bed and I'm not too tired for something other than Netflix & a glass of wine. BUT! My hubby took the kids out for the afternoon, so I have a couple hours to myself. And I want to blog, darnit!

It's so humbling to get to capture memories for a growing family year after year. The Hogans are no exception. Since our last session, Davey gained a new brother! Luke (aka "Goober") was born just a day apart from my little guy, and it was incredible to see so many similarities! He was such a smiley, chill baby. We had a fun session at the Pioneer House at Marsh Creek Park in Woodbury (I love that place!), where I got to chase the boys with my camera and witness the love and patience Ally and Dan have for their little boys. What a pleasure it was! Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.


Lamb Family & Maternity

Oh how I adore this soon-to-be-family-of-FIVE! Now that the news is out, I can finally share this lovely sun-soaked, laugh-filled session with you all. Dani & Charlie are expecting the newest addition to their family in March and wanted some photos to announce the news to friends. We had such a fun time capturing giggles of little Mya and Arlo as the sun set. Without further ado, enjoy soaking up all the laughs, tickle fights and baby bump images from their session: