Hi there!

I’m Staci, an artist & photographer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I'm a designer & art director by day and a photographer, super-mom, nature-gal, lactose-intolerant ice cream lover, crafter, rock-climber, hand-letterer, runner, coffee addict, snowboarder, and chocoholic the rest of the time.

There are two things I enjoy above all else:

Capturing memories

I'm totally inspired by love and beauty in the everyday. I believe that time is precious and children grow too quickly. There is little that is more fulfilling than helping others capture and remember special moments in their lives. 


Helping others

I use my creativity for good: from creating an identity system to help a small business make a name for itself, to hand-lettering hundreds of wedding envelopes—I use my design know-how to create impactful and beautiful things.

Well enough about me. Let's hear about you. If you'd like to chat about your wedding, a portrait session, or how we can collaborate on a project—I'd love to hear all about it over a cup of coffee (or a bowl of ice cream). Just send me a message.

A peek into my Everyday