woodbury family photography

Hogan Family

I've made a promise to myself to be better at posting all my sessions on my blog, but it's a promise that's proving to be tough to fulfill—with spending time with family, chasing my mischevious 9-month-old son, and keeping up with my silly & sassy daughter—my "me-time" has surmounted to a few hours each week when the kids are finally in bed and I'm not too tired for something other than Netflix & a glass of wine. BUT! My hubby took the kids out for the afternoon, so I have a couple hours to myself. And I want to blog, darnit!

It's so humbling to get to capture memories for a growing family year after year. The Hogans are no exception. Since our last session, Davey gained a new brother! Luke (aka "Goober") was born just a day apart from my little guy, and it was incredible to see so many similarities! He was such a smiley, chill baby. We had a fun session at the Pioneer House at Marsh Creek Park in Woodbury (I love that place!), where I got to chase the boys with my camera and witness the love and patience Ally and Dan have for their little boys. What a pleasure it was! Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.